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Barcol-Air can provide you with the support and technical information you need to get the job done. With many years of experience in a variety of applications, our team will help you through every phase of your project, from the conceptual phase to installation and commissioning.

At our Barcol-Air laboratory, a 1:1 scale mock-up can be thoroughly tested under realistic field conditions. This gives the building owner, engineer, architect or contractor the reassurance that the proposed system will operate as designed. Our laboratory simulates the exact conditions and thermal environment as the new building prescribes, providing our clients with the feeling of how the building will operate, even if it only exists as a concept on paper.

The mock-up, per the client’s request, is not limited to thermal aspects; acoustics, room air flow dynamics, aesthetics, etc. can also be tested. The lab allows systems to be optimized, which can result in considerable cost savings over the entire building, especially with large-scale projects.



Our team’s continuous drive to create optimal designs and gain experience applying radiant technology to all types of buildings has further supplemented our large engineering knowledge base, which allows us to tackle even the most complex tasks.

New solutions, which have yet to be realized in practice, are tested at a scale of 1:1 and optimized in our own laboratories. This gives all parties involved the assurance that the system will function as designed and eliminate the risk of costly amendments. The detailed documentation of the tests ensures that the results are 100% reproducible, anywhere on the globe. It also allows our clients to feel the indoor climate of their building, even though it may only be in the design stage.



Barcol‐Air is dedicated to implementing the highest thermal comfort standards and lowest energy consumption in all of our projects. This requires intensive research & development.

In the past years one major point of focus has been developing new products, that are more efficient and comfortable than anything else in the market right now. The research was not limited to theoretical design, but also involved practical applications with hands‐on testing. The results lead to the development of the wave, one of our most efficient and visually appealing products. The dynamics of the process were refined to the point in which the system offers a highly efficient alternative to standard chilled ceiling solutions.



Barcol-Air is driven to provide the highest level of assistance and technical support. To ensure that all systems are working properly and that the product was installed with the highest efficiency.

Our advanced equipment inspects and tests our products at the factory to confirm that they are capable of operating and are in conformance with the design intent. Buildings that are not properly commissioned can suffer from high energy costs, poor indoor quality, poor system control, and many other mechanical problems.

In addition, we provide infrared imaging of the temperature gradient of our products to ensure that the they are performing as designed.

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