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Barcol-Air Hoses & Grass Fittings on white background

Hoses & Brass Fittings

Quick connect stainless steel braided flex hoses equipped with oxygen barriers are used in combination with brass fittings (NPT, Pro Press or Solder Cup) for a quick and easy install with an airtight seal.

Barcol-Air Volume Flow Controller Type VRM - circular on white background

Volume Air Controllers

Barcol-Air supplies two pressure independent air volume controllers, the VRK and the VRM. Both are available in 3” to 16” sizes, with galvanized or stainless steel construction. The VRK is a passive constant volume regulator that uses springs to automatically modulate in response to changes in system pressure. The VRM is a high-performance variable volume controller that uses electronic or pneumatic actuation to precisely control airflow.

Barcol-Air Gripple Hangers on white background

Gripple Hangers

Stainless steel wire hangers are provided as an optional accessory with a wide variety of mounting options.

Barcol-Air Dew Point Sensors on white background

Dew Point Sensors

Dew point monitors and transducers are used to sense the humidity in the room, reliably preventing condensation from occurring in an Active Chilled Beam or Radiant panel system.

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