Combining Cutting-Edge Design

with Best In Class Comfort

A New Way of Looking at Heating and Cooling

At Barcol-Air our mission is to create HVAC systems that combine beauty and high efficiency to function harmoniously in any space. Our team of engineering and design experts blend modern, custom design with superior performance to create spaces that not only look great, but are comfortable for their occupants.

Working with Your Vision, Not Around It

Our products don’t just check the boxes, we custom design our pieces to fit the space that you are envisioning. We work with you to ensure that our systems not only meet your building’s heating and cooling requirements, but also support your architectural vision.

A Difference You Can See and Feel

Though our HVAC products are highly aesthetic, performance is not compromised. Using our in-house testing lab, our team thoroughly tests and optimizes the performance of each product to ensure optimum comfort in every space with minimal energy usage.

Green Systems for a Sustainable Future

Each piece is designed with energy-saving and sustainability in mind. Our radiant products utilize hydronics in order to provide more comfortable heating and cooling at a fraction of the cost of forced air systems. With our new Active Chilled Beam technology, and our ability to pair them with our radiant systems, we can assist our customers in further optimizing their energy performance, setting them up for Gold and Platinum level LEED certification.

Where We Came From

and Where We’re Going

From our beginnings in Switzerland, in 1979, Barcol-Air has grown to be a leading provider of radiant heating and cooling systems. In a time of consistently rising heat loads and low-efficiency buildings, Barcol-Air was responsible for engineering climate control technology that brought innovation and style to modern commercial buildings. As the use of energy efficient radiant technology became a widespread heating and cooling solution across Europe and Asia, we set our sights on new territory. In 2007, we separated from our European brand to bring our advanced technology to the United States.

Based out of Westfield, Massachusetts, Barcol-Air has become a fast-growing U.S. company and a key brand of the Mestek family of HVAC manufacturers. We are constantly advancing our technology and methods, and have recently adopted Active Chilled Beam technology, to help our clients create beautiful spaces with all-encompassing heating and cooling operations.

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