Why we’re different

Our products…

Save Energy and Reduce Noise
Our systems have many proven benefits including energy conservation and space saving. Water can transfer 3800 times more energy per volume than air, meaning that a 1 inch diameter metal pipe can carry as much energy as an 18’’x18’’ duct full of air. Therefore, the energy needed to transport this volume of water is 30% less than in an equivalent all air system.

Environmental Quality
Indoor air quality also improves. Firstly, the space is cooled evenly due to free convection. Secondly, convective currents are reduced due to decreased supply air in the room. Better air quality is achieved because only the minimum fresh air is needed; eliminating contamination from re‐circulated air.

This results in not only a better indoor air quality for the occupants, but also increased productivity. The thermal environment has a significant effect on the performance of building occupants; and the quality of the indoor environment correlates to the health of the building's occupants.

Our Facility…

In‐House Laboratory
Barcol‐Air USA’s laboratory has always been an integral part of our success. As each building is unique in its design, location, and requirements, the laboratory allows new innovations to be thoroughly tested and optimized at a 1:1 scale. This ensures that a proposed design is guaranteed to fulfill all specifications in terms of thermal comfort and efficiency even before the first brick is laid!

State of the art in-house equipment shipped from Germany allows us to be flexible and adaptive to changing demands in design, volume, and lead time.

Our Team…

Sales and engineering offices
Our team is able to deliver you a quick quote for any of our products or help you through designing and constructing a heating and cooling system for an entire building. Barcol-Air USA is also used as a training center for clients, engineers, building installers, and operators. We hold in‐house training sessions, lunch‐n‐learns, and other informative events.

What are people are saying about us?
“Your presentation and product demonstration was outstanding. (Lab was exceptional and a great sales tool)”
– Donald L., Construction
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