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Barcol Radiant Wave (BRW)

Barcol Radiant Wave (BRW)

Compared to the BRC, the BRW is designed for high heat loads. This product is developed for open or closed ceilings. Due to the purpose designed profile and the geometry of the unit, an increase of convective cooling capacity is achieved. Even at the highest cooling capacity the comfort is never jeopardized. The BRW can be used as a spot cooling element or a cooling band arranged in strips or simply as a chilled ceiling
Bottom View of the standard BRW 36’’ wide with 10 fully slotted profiles


  1. Commercial and residential buildings
  2. Office buildings
  3. Schools
  4. Manufacturing facilities

The BRW's unique look and smooth design is effective in its purpose and architecturally appealing. It is suitable for both heating and cooling applications. The profiles are suspended from the ceiling via top mounted crossbars.

Architecture and Design

The BRW can be manufactured to accommodate various sizes. Wave lengths typically range from 6 to 12 feet and the width is defined by the number of extrusions mounted in parallel (8 to 14 profiles) in increments of two profiles, ranging from 30’’ to 48’’.

The BRW slot style and color can be designed as needed. The radiant wave may be designed to any color by the architect or client, however, low gloss levels and a non‐metallic finish is recommended. We also offer a variety of slot pattern and styles, as well as options such as, no slots, partially slotted and fully slotted patterns. Please refer to BRW manual for slot design examples.

Basic System Function

The BRW acts as a heat exchanger between its surroundings and the chilled water running in the copper tubes. Chilled water is supplied from the water mains via flex hoses and nipples to the copper tubes embedded in the wave profile. This, in turn, cools the aluminum profiles via conduction and cools the space via radiation. As the number of slots increase in the wave, the surface area increases and provides higher capacities.
Aluminum Wave Profile (Chilled water application)


The BRW can be used for heating or cooling applications, with a changeover valve, if both applications are needed. The waves may be controlled individually or per zone as designed be the consultant engineer and/or Barcol-Air engineer. Dew point sensors are available and are installed typically in each zone. The sensor shall be installed at the coldest point, typically right off the main pipeline. If the dew point in the space is reached, the control valve is signaled to close and prevent any water from running through the system, thereby avoiding any condensation.

Barcol Air offers a dew point sensor and a 6‐way valve with this installation. Please view our literature on these products or contact your local sales representative.

We offer additional accessories: VRK (Volume Regulator Controller), Gripple Hangers, Dew Point Sensor, Nipples, Flexible Hoses, 6‐ Way Valves.
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