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Barcol Radiant Module (BRM)
The Barcol Radiant Module (BRM) is designed for higher heat loads. Due to the purpose designed profile and geometry of the unit, an increase of convective cooling capacity is achieved. Even at the highest cooling capacity, the comfort is never jeopardized. The BRM can be used as a spot cooling element or a cooling band arranged in strips or simply as a chilled ceiling.
The aluminum profiles are optimally formed to accommodate the copper tube and to provide two cooling fins which are rounded off at the outer ends. The high precision of the tube and the extruded profiles guarantee a continuous contact between the two surfaces throughout the entire length, thus providing an optimal heat transfer rate.


This product is developed for open or closed ceilings. It can be installed above the perforated ceiling, or directly integrated in the ceiling design. The BRM can be painted to any color, however, low gloss levels and a non‐metallic finish is recommended. The top surface is black anodized and can be painted if desired also.

The module may have up to 10 profiles in series, 5’’ each, up to 98’’ long. The gap between the profiles may be adjusted per Barcol-Air’s recommendations.


  1. Commercial and residential buildings
  2. Office buildings
  3. Schools
  4. Manufacturing facilities

Controls: See Radiant Wave

We offer additional accessories: VRK (Volume Regulator Controller), Gripple Hangers, Dew Point Sensor, Nipples, Flexible Hoses, 6‐ Way Valves.
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