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Barcol Hose & Nipple


Barcol‐Air brand hoses and nipples are designed to provide the installing contractor with a completely tested and integrated installation system that provides the following key benefits:
  1. Flexible hoses provide access to ceiling voids at any location
  2. Eliminates solder joints during installation that may corrode later due to oxygen in the system
  3. Simplifies installation and reduces installation costs by the use of exclusive, precision machined push‐on type fittings
  4. Double Viton seal eliminates leaks
  5. Easy ‐ On, Easy ‐ Off installation
  6. Secured with a C‐Clip
  7. Pressure tested 348 PSI

Barcol Air Flexible hose with Push Fit coupling and C-clips.

The hoses have an EPDM core with an integrated oxygen barrier and braided stainless steel jacket mated to Barcol‐Air’s exclusive push‐fit type end fittings. The hoses provide an oxygen tight loop that does not require automatic venting. The standard diameter is 12 mm (15mm also available). Standard length is 28’’; however, hose lengths are available up to 98’’.

Operating Specs:

Operating pressure:
Test pressure:
Operating temperature:
Maximum Permitted temperature:
Liquid coolant:
Chilled Beam Application:
max 16 bar (232 PSI)
max 24 bar (348 PSI)
50°F (10°C) to 200°F (93°C)
100°F (93°C)
Water (DIN1988 Part 7 and 8) permitted glycol quota of max. 40%
Quick and reliable install

Radiant Ceiling Application: Quick and reliable install


Barcol‐Air brand header nipples complete the integrated approach to efficient installations. The use of one piece, precision‐machined brass ensures that the system will be leak tight and installed with a minimum of difficulty. It is designed to receive the 12‐15 mm push‐fit coupling of the flexible hose at one end and various solutions are available for the connection to the piping (NPT, soldered, ProPress).
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