Floor Displacement Ventilation

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Displacement Ventilation with Barcol – PDB swirl floor diffusers

For an optimal comfort in heating and cooling applications.  

Models Available:

  1. R205 - 25 cfm, minimal spacing 4 ft, ø 8”
  2. R250 - 35 cfm, minimal spacing 5 ft, ø 10”


  • Diffuser box for ducted installations
  • Integrated damper flap (only for non-ducted version)


  • High performance draft free air distribution at temperature differentials of up to 15°F (clg)
  • Adjustable discharge pattern, from horizontal up to an angle of 45°
  • Utilizes induction principle for a rapid temperature equalization with ambient air
  • Allows a high variation of supply air flow rates (20-100%) for operation with VAV systems
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low sound pressure levels
  • Appealing design for subtle integration in floor panels
  • Grill made of rugged 14 gauge polished stainless steel
  • Designed to withstand a concentrated load of 220lbs
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