Design & Engineering

In order to achieve the highest possible thermal comfort, chilled beams and/or radiant ceilings should be positioned in the most active areas of the building (workplace, cubicles etc.) This typically leads to some challenges for architecture, aesthetics, workplace physiology and space conditioning technology. Decades of close collaboration with architects, lighting manufacturers, engineers and contractors have enabled Barcol-Air to develop a highly versatile system. This can fulfill the various aspects that lead to optimal workplace conditions.

Continuous striving for an optimal design and the experience gained with the application of radiant technology in virtually all types of buildings, has generated a large engineering knowledge base, which allows us to tackle even the most complex tasks.

New solutions, which have yet been realized in practice, are tested at scale 1:1 and optimized in our own laboratories. This gives all parties involved the insurance that the system will function as designed and eliminate the risk of costly amendments. The detailed documentation of the tests ensures that the test results are 100% reproducible, anywhere on the globe. It also allows our clients to “feel” the indoor climate of their building, even though it may yet only be in the design stage!
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