Chilled Beams

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All chilled beams are dependent on air movement to transfer heat. Chilled beams are solely convective units. Active chilled beams combine room air and ventilation air to meet capacity. Passive chilled beams condition the air in the space only. The main distinction between the two types of beams is whether or not the beam uses an auxiliary meant to discharge the conditioned air into the space.

Chilled beams:

  1. Can be used for heating and/or cooling the space. (Heating option is only used in active beams.)
  2. Provide high thermal comfort and energy efficiency
  3. Require minimal ceiling surface area
  4. Provide highest capacity per sq ft of ceiling area
  5. Require at least 8’’ of ceiling clearance above the grid

So why should you use Chilled Beams?   

  • An average of 30% savings compared to conventional all air systems
  • Averages of 27% less electrical peak power demand
  • Reduction of health problems; the so called sick building syndrome is nonexistent in radiant buildings since no recirculated air is used
  • Due to higher cooling temperatures, free cooling can be achieved much longer than with conventional VAV systems, resulting in chiller energy savings
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