The first Barcol-Air, Barcol‐Air AG, was founded 1979 in Switzerland. The HVAC firm achieved a reputation for high quality commercial applications of Barber Colman VAV and Air Distribution products. In view of constantly rising heat loads in office buildings with the development of the personal computer, Barcol‐Air soon recognized that new strategies were necessary to maintain a high quality thermal environment and increase the energy efficiency of existing HVAC systems. In the early 1980’s extensive research was conducted in Barcol‐Air’s in‐house laboratories to refine the radiant cooling technology and make it an applicable solution for modern commercial buildings. In 1986 the first Barcol‐Air chilled ceiling was successfully implemented in a Swiss bank in Zurich, Switzerland. The ability to respond quickly to market demands and offer innovative solutions to complex applications made Barcol‐Air a major supplier of radiant ceiling systems in the European market with branch offices in several European countries. Barcol‐Air AG became number one in the Swiss Radiant Cooling and Heating industry until it was sold to Siebe/Invensys in 1996.

In 2007, Helmuth Sokolean, the founder and earlier owner of Barcol‐Air AG, started a fully independent Barcol‐Air USA in Oxford, Connecticut. He brought with him a team of engineers with 30 years of experience producing reliable and cost efficient products in Europe.

In 2014, Silvan Meier became the new majority shareholder of Barcol-Air USA. Barcol-Air USA will continue on as an independent daughter company of Silvan Meier and will maintain the same name and high quality product lines. 
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