6-Way Belimo Valves

Other Literature/Studies
Barcol 6-way Valve Applications
Belimo 6-way Valve
6‐way characterized Control Valve, Non spring Actuators with chrome plated ball and nickel plated stem, NPT female ends.

To make the design of your system even more convenient, we also offer a 6‐way valve that can easily be integrated into the system.

The 6‐way characterized control valve is ideal for chilled beams and radiant ceilings offering reduced wiring by using a single actuator instead of two. It eliminates the need for a changeover valve and enables the use of a single coil for heating and cooling.
  • True close‐off to isolate both heating and cooling loops
  • Two sequences with different Cv capabilities e.g. Heating and cooling
  • Linear flow characteristic, complete close‐off

Mode of Operation

The control valve is operated by an electronic actuator that responds to a proportional VDC/4 20mA control signal. The actuator will then move the ball of the valve to the position dictated by the control signal and change the flow.

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