Welcome to Barcol Air USA Ltd

Barcol‐Air USA Ltd. has the most advanced air‐conditioning systems for commercial and residential buildings.

We specialize in designing, developing and delivering the perfect indoor climate, in any climate zone, while minimizing energy costs.

Our unique products provide a viable alternative to the typical all‐air system and may be implemented anywhere in the world. Our products improve design flexibility, while keeping the mechanical complexity of the system to a minimum. They are applicable in a range of fields including: airports, hotels, universities, schools, laboratories, and many more.

We have over 25 years of experience, and we are eager to share our knowledge. Let us help you lower energy costs, increase thermal comfort, occupant productivity, and reduce maintenance of your building!

Barcol‐Air has the ability to solve even the most complex cooling demands. We draw knowledge from decades of close collaboration with engineers, architects, and contractors to design an optimal system for each unique case.

We are Your Partner for Chilled Beams, Radiant Heating and Cooling and VAV systems.


Federal Center South- Seattle, WA, LEED GOLD Building
Product: Barcol Radiant Wave (BRW) 

Nanaimo Regional General Hospital - BC, Canada

Product: Barcol Radiant Panel Extrusion (BRPE)

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